My name is Robin Terry I am from New Zealand.

Ten years ago I attended a conference on the Gold Coast of Australia.. The main speaker was also from NZ he stood up the front with a white board and black felt pen he spoke wrote diagrams and answered questions for about an hour and a half.I had no idea at the time what he was talking about but fast forward 10 years and I have a clearer picture of what is happening today.

He spoke about the political turmoil embracing the democratic countries Worldwide the secrecy corruption the abusive use of power and so the list goes on.

He spent five years putting this information together with the help of other people along the way it is a BLUE PRINT for political change not a revolution but an evolution that can be achieved internally without too much disruption to the general public.

The challenges that lay ahead regarding the management of core, social, local and central government and assets he addressed writing diagrams on the white board. He showed the transition of good governance and management of public utilities, the health system, education, defence, law and order and other assets and social services. The system also has written within it an algorithm that helps to manage the whole process so that it cannot be abused or manipulated.

Sunday the 2nd October 2016 I woke up and decided that the fastest way to communicate with the general public regarding political change was to create an app that contained a Political Charter written in all major languages.

Also within this app would be a Social and Legal app to assist people with immediate problems they face everyday of their lives.
The charter also contains a remit that all management contracts for government services and utilities that have been outsourced to private companies or registered corporations will become null and void and revert to internal administration.

The charter also contains a remit that all political parties and individual members of parliament the senate or congress who are registered corporations will have their registration in the public arena become null and void, bye election to be held.The charter can be used as the basis for a political campaign either by a political party or by independent candidates.Everything has a starting point and a discussion needs to take place before any meaningful action can happen .This foreword is the generic explanation but every country has it’s own story and history but I imagine the theme that runs through every country will have a similar storyline. The powerlessness that we as citizens are feeling, our loss of democratic freedoms being imposed on us by unseen forces “UNTIL NOW”.

“TRUST” is a huge factor and this seems to disappear once a political party or candidate takes their seat in parliament,congress or the senate. I am not saying that the app is the total solution to the problems we face but any candidate who chooses to ignore the charter after an election may find himself or herself facing a very hostile electorate. Remember everyone has the same information on their app as their successful candidate “THERE IS NOWHERE TO HIDE”.

There are 113 countries in the World today whose governments are democratically elected and a template has been developed for every country. The app will give a common thread to all who choose to download this new technology and read the information contained within. The app for each country will be in their language  and will also come with audio .The legal and social app will be updated on a continuous basis as new information relevant to events unfold.

To download an app containing any charter to your mobile phone will cost $10 giving you 12 months registration updates are free.Sponsor an app to mobile numbers contained within your phone all that is required to register are name mobile number and country.”WE CAN DO THIS”.

A book will also be published containing everything that is in the app plus more detail regarding the democratic process in each country as it has happened up until today. This book will retail for $25 per copy plus $5 postage anywhere in the World an ebook will also be available for $15.

Robin Terry


The lawful and legal establishment of the New Zealand governments sovereign rights to exist will be pursued by people who have been elected using the Political Charter as the basis for their political campaign.

If enough elected representatives are able to form a government as the government of the day or as part of a coalition government a binding referendum will be held within 12 months after the elections seeking a further mandate from the people for the governments legal and lawful right to exist.

Below are some of the policies that will be pursued in this written charter as our solemn duty to uphold the will of the people. This process needs to be followed if New Zealand citizens are to maintain constitutional control of their government

  1. TAXATION – 5% with no tax deductibles. This tax applies to all citizens, private companies,public companies,corporations trusts,foundations and churches no one is exempt from this tax.
  2. REMUNERATION – Salaries for all government employees and politicians starts at 1,2,3,4,5,6 times the minimum wage.
  3. GOVERNMENT SERVICES and UTILITIES – Government service contracts that have been outsourced to private companies, corporations, trusts and foundations will become null and void. The management of all government departments services and utilities will revert to internal administration.
  4. REGISTERED CORPORATIONS – Individual members of parliament and political parties who are registered corporations will have their registration in the public arena become null and void and a bye election will be held. Also any government departments civil or legal who are operating with a registered tax file number or are registered as a corporation will cease this practice immediately.
  5. LAW & ORDER – The law courts will revert to the practice of Common Law only where all citizens are treated equally under the law and innocent until proven guilty. Admiralty Law and Sharia Law and the use of Legalese Language will not be permitted to be used in the courts.Where the Holy Bible is used to swear in a witness or defendant and the bible has been grammatically altered this will be considered an offence against the person and a criminal charge will be laid against the presiding judge.
  6. EDUCATION – Education will be free to all citizens including university. Private schools do not qualify for public funding.
  7. HEALTH – Universal health care for all citizens.
  8. SUPERANNUATION & RETIREMENT FUND – Minimum wage. All retirement payments currently being paid out of the public purse will revert to this payment.Any free travel internal or international or other tax funded payments will cease immediately.
  9. PUBLIC HOUSING – Is the responsibility of the government who have an obligation to make sure all citizens have affordable housing.
  10. FREEDOM of the PRESS – The right for the public to know is paramount to a healthy and democratic process.
  11. SOCIAL MEDIA – All comments made on social media are the responsibility of the person making them 2nd or 3rd persons cannot be held responsible for those comments made .Any subject where the  language used does not threaten life, liberty, religion race or personal identity then the right to FREE SPEACH shall remain.
  12. FOREIGN TROOPS – Will have 90 days to dismantle all equipment and bases then remove all infrastructure and any nuclear waste or otherwise and return the land to its natural invironment before departing.
  13. FOREIGN OWNERSHIP – Foreign citizens cannot own rural or residential property those who do will have six months to sell otherwise those properties will go up for auction proceeds to be paid to the owner.
  14. GENETICALLY MODIFIED TECHNOLOGY – The use of GM in the food chain will not be permitted. eg. Wheat Grain Corn all Livestock.
  15. WATER – All management contracts that have been granted to private companies and corporations will become null and void and revert to internal government administration. Water is not to be traded as a commodity on any exchange all contracts in place will be terminated and compensation will be paid.
  16. IMMIGRATION – Will be put on hold for 12 months.
  17. RESERVE BANK – The printing of money and government financial services that have been out sourced to private companies or corporations those contracts will become null and void and revert to a government managed RESERVE BANK. A ten year audit will be conducted on the accounts of the companies who have been responsible for this service.
  18. SECURITY – Government security issues internal border or off shore that have been outsourced to private companies or corporations will have these contracts cancelled immediately and revert to internal government administration.


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A GoFundMe campaign will be launched shortly to help fund this project. Should you wish to register for an APP , book or e-book feel free to click on the appropriate button


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